Camping Equipment – For safe and enjoyable camping

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It is very peculiar what some people HAVE to bring when they go camping. However, a trip should NEVER be planned without some basic but ever important gear.

You should include the items below amongst your equipment on a camping trip, especially if you are going in the backcountry. This list does not apply to camping in an RV or trailer.

Camping Equipment    For safe and enjoyable camping

    • a tent
    • a tarp for sheltering your common area (picnic table)
    • a first aid kit
    • sunscreen, lipbalm and mosquito repelent
    • a portable gas stove for cooking
    • a good wood chopping axe
    • firestarter
    • matches in a water tight container (or a lighter)
    • flashlight – with extra batteries
    • sleeping bag (and extra blanket)
    • mattress (something that will block humidity)
    • extra clothing – if you plan a 5 day trip, pack for 6 days
    • proper footwear
    • a warm jacket – the campfire doesn’t keep your back warm…
    • a good hat or bandana and gloves (even in summer)
    • rain wear – a good rain coat, rain pants and water resistant footwear
    • a basin for washing dishes
    • dish cloth, dish towel and dish soap
    • a clean water container – 5 gallons (or more)
    • garbage bags – can be used for garbage, storing food, covering equipment at night, dirty clotes, etc…
    • DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA, FILM and EXTRA batteries!!