Camping First Aid Kit and Safety Gear

A camping first aid kit is a must have for your trip away from home. The farther away from civilization you are, the more supplies you need in your kit.

The vast majority of situations you will deal with are small scrapes, cuts, bruises and a blister or two.

I suggest you take a first aid course so you know how to deal with emergency situations. You may be able to receive this training at work.

Camping First Aid Kit and Safety Gear

Here is a list of a basic kit.

  • first aid manual
  • antiseptic wipes
  • antiseptic solution
  • soap
  • adhesive and butterfly bandages
  • self-adhesive roller bandages
  • elastic bandages (Band-Aids)
  • sterile gauze pads
  • splinting materials
  • large wound dressings
  • blister dressings
  • nonadhesive dressings
  • cloth-based adhesive tape
  • a cold pack
  • thermometer
  • non-latex gloves
  • large plastic bag
  • safety pins
  • scissors
  • tweezers and needles
  • topical antibiotic cream
  • oral antihistamine
  • medications for pain or fever
  • hydrocortisone cream (1%)

Other camping safety items you might want to have are a list of emergency phone numbers, some extra cream for sunburns, a warm blanket and a flashlight with extra batteries.You can purchase a first aid kit at many pharmacy stores as well as big camping outlets.