Camping In Europe

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Camping In Europe provides different way traveling in Europe. Europe has a gorgeous landscape and perfect scenery. One can spend a trip solely by camping on Europe’s extensive campground and not visit a single monument and find that it is still worth the travel, after all you will be able to soak in the great sights, sounds and scenery. In many of the camping grounds you’ll find laundry facilities, mini-markets, cafes, bars, restaurants, and Europeans as your neighbors! If you like meeting people, we don’t think there is a better way to see Europe. In fact you will get to meet many like-minded travellers who camp their way on their Europe vacation.  However, before you embark on your camping trip to Europe, we advise you to do some research on what is the best deal to camping.

It is important to apply for the international camping carnet before you embark on your camping trip. Campsites may require you to  provide proof of your membership before allowing you to camp at their site.

Camping In Europe

So what do I have to pack for camping in Europe?

Well, even though camping sounds like a rough experience, You would want to invest in good camping gear.  Invest in quality camping gear!

For Europe, it is advisable to campers prefer a very lightweight “three-season” sleeping bag and a closed-cell sleeping pad to insulate and soften the ground.

If you bring a stove from home, it should be the butane Gaz variety (but note that you can’t take a Gas  cartridge on the plane — you will have to dump it with instructions from the airport crew).  For meals, it would be better to sample the European fare.  If you really need a stove then buy it in Europe.

If you need stoves and all other camping gear are cheaper at large superstores (found in Britain, France, Germany, and Spain) than at European backpacking stores.  US Cavalry  provides an extensive selection of outdoor gear for camping and outdoor sports.  You should prepare your camping gear before heading to Europe for your  travel.