Can I find great freeware programs?

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There are a lot of great freeware programs out there. Why?

Well, some programmers want to give back to the community, some want to get their name out there, some companies offer free versions of programs that they sell, hoping to get you to upgrade to a commercial version, and some give away their early versions of programs as freeware before they start charging for it.

These are all good reasons, and meanwhile, you and I get some good software that can ease our computing life and save us some money.

I’ll try to steer you in the right direction to good, safe freeware programs that you can use. However, as always, you are responsible for your own computing habits.

So read the authors’ web pages, read other people’s opinions about the programs, and always, always back up your computer before making any changes.

I recommend one program that I haven’t found a good freeware version of… a drive imaging program such as Norton’s Ghost.

There are other good imaging programs out there, like BootIT NG or Acronis True Image. My experience is with Norton Ghost. It’s a good program and I have a license for each computer I own. And I use it on a regular basis before making changes to my computers.

Can I find great freeware programs?

Imaging programs take a “snapshot” of your drive and save it as an image file to another drive, partition, or CD burner that can be restored if something goes wrong with your Operating System.

You can then restore your drive to the state it was in when it was imaged.

Any way you do a backup…do it. Use one of these programs.

Use it as soon as you set up a new computer. Use it as soon as you install Windows. Use it before you install a new program. But use it.

Every program reviewed here has been found bug-free and shouldn’t have a negative effect on your system.

If I find any serious bugs in any program, then the program won’t be listed here.

If it is listed here and bugs are found, the review will be changed stating that fact and it will be recommended that you don’t use it.

That said, check out some of the freeware reviewed here. You might find something you can use and save some money.