Can I use different color window treatments in a kids room?

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by Jamie Howard
(Jersey City, NJ)

Hello –

I recently wrote to you about how I have a large picture window on one wall and a small, narrow window on another wall of my daughters bedroom. This bedroom is quite large in size.

You told me I can do long, full length curtains on the picture window and a roman shade on the smaller window. Here’s the situation:

My daughter has a very colorful striped queen comforter of bright pinks, yellow, blues, and bright green. We plan on painting one or two walls green as we don’t want to paint it pink. The two walls painted will be where the windows are located (they are the two walls you see when you walk in the room). Based on this:

1) What color should the long curtains be? We have pink right now as it would create a contrast with the green wall. I just have concern it will be too much with the bright comforter?

2) What color should the roman shade be on the wall next to the picture window? We were thinking pink so as to coordinate with the long curtains. Then both windows stand out against the green walls.

I’m not sure if I should get both the window treatments in pink against green walls, or do both in green to blend in with the wall completely, or perhaps do the roman shade just in green so it blends with the green wall and lets the big picture window with pink curtains have the biggest statement.

Thanks so much!

Can I use different color window treatments in a kids room?

Hi Jamie

I think you are right about the roman shade being green to blend with the wall. Then making the curtains the real feature in the room.

I hear what your saying about the curtains being too much pink. So how about pink curtains with a pattern such as these on ebay Dots curtain fabric or maybe stripes curtain fabric or even circles curtain fabric.

You get the idea that having a pattern on the curtain will break up such a large area of color. When mixing patterned fabrics circles and stripes can work really well together. Just make sure the curtain colors compliment the comforter colors.

You don’t have to have all the colors in both. Just the colors you do have need to be similar.

I hope that gives you some inspiration with this room.

Best regards