Can psychic dreams bring us news from other places, information from the future, or insights into other peoples minds?

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Many people feel instinctively that they can have psychic dreams, and telepathic dreaming has even been demonstrated clinically. In a famous dream experiment at the Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, some volunteers concentrated on a selection of target pictures while others slept. When woken during periods of REM sleep, the sleepers reported a statistically significant number of dreams clearly influenced by the images.

Another well-known aspect of psychic dreaming is precognition – clairvoyant knowledge of future events, by which people have dreamed of impending disasters, including the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Science has no explanation for this apparent ability to see into the future, but there are many well-documented cases based on reliable testimony.

Psychic dreams can be telepathic (involving mind-to-mind communication) or precognitive (involoving events in the future). These types of dreams may concern you or your family, friends or acquaintances, strangers or public figures, and private or public events and situations. They are as diverse as the people who dream them.

Many psychic dreams involve the people who are closest to you, but in the dreams your relationship to the people may be completely different from what they are in waking life. The dreams may be extraordinarily vivid and incredibly colorful, with intense emotional content. Ordinary dreams can also possess these qualities, of course, but with an ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) dream there are distinctive characteristics that stick with you.

The following dream may be a case of telepathy as well as precognition. A woman dreamed of another woman she barely knew. But in the dream the two seemed to know each other well, which soon proved to be the case.

Can psychic dreams bring us news from other places, information from the future, or insights into other peoples minds?


When my daughter was in preschool, she was friendly with a girl whose mother I met and liked. Sue and I agreed to meet for lunch one day, and I decided to squeeze in a nap before I left. I dreamed that while Sue and I were talking great waves of sadness washed over me; a single teardrop rolled down her cheek. That’s all I recall of the dream. But I remembered thinking it was a totally bizarre dream because she seemed so vivacious, so full of life and optimism. When we got together that evening, we talked for a long time, like old friends, and I realized how accurate my dream was. She and her husband were on the verge of divorce. Since then, we’ve become close friends and see each other more often than our daughters see each other.