Can real-life career stories inspire us?

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Real-life career stories are wonderful because they remind us how human and normal we are and how much potential and possibilities we have ahead.

There is nothing quite like real people and real stories to inspire us on our career quest.

Career tests (and free career tests online) are wonderful to get you thinking and get you pointing in a direction towards the ‘right’ career. Then add some real-life career stories into the mix for inspiration!

There is a wonderful inspiring book I read recently “What should I do with my life” by Po Bronson. It is a fabulous book for anyone. And especially fabulous for anyone who has ever wondered about the same question – ‘what should I do with my life’. It is immensely readable and entertaining and sprinkled with wonderful insights.

It is a collection of 40 or so stories about real people and how they have dealt with the question about “What should I do with my life”? One of the best things I liked about the book is that Po chose ordinary real people to include in his book. No celebrities. And he chose stories about people from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. These are truly people you can relate to. The stories don’t have nice neat happy endings. It’s about their journeys and struggles and it is real life. If you haven’t read this book, get it, and read it. It is fabulous.

Can real life career stories inspire us?

I loved it and I have lent my copy to several family, friends, and clients. Everyone, no matter their personality, age, background, or ‘style’ seems to love it and takes their own personal messages from it. I know books aren’t for everyone – not everyone reads. But you are reading this now, so maybe you’d read it too?

I do believe that real-life career stories – especially those where hardship and challenges are encountered – are some of the most inspiring and empowering messages we can use to help ourselves on our own personal life and career journey.

When I read this book I found myself reflecting on my own ‘journey’, including all the very low points and many stumbles on the way. I’m sure you may do the same. This reflection is a very uplifting and inspiring thing to do. Po uses a lovely phrase – from your deepest wounds come your greatest gifts. Maybe so – it is an interesting thought.