Can you do a defragmentation in XP?

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What is defragmentation?
Defragmentation is useful to increase the performance of your hard disk(s).It will make your system work quicker because your hard disk(s) will be rearranged and the clusters of your hard disk(s) will be put more together.

If the clusters, where a file is stored, are spread over the volume, it takes much more time to read the file. If a hard disk is almost full or if a hard disk is in use for a long time this will happen more often and it takes longer and longer to read the file. By defragmenting a volume the clusters, where a file is stored , will be put together so that these will be read much more quicker and your system will work quicker.

It is recommended to defragment your hard disk(s) regularly
to optimize the performance of the hard disk(s).

How to defragment your hard disk(s)?

Step 1:
Click Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Fragmenter.

Can you do a defragmentation in XP?Step 2:
In this screen the hard disks in your computer are shown. You select the drive you want to defragment. After you have selected the hard drive you click first the ‘Analyze’ button to see if it is necessary to defragment the disk. It will take a few minutes to let the computer analyze the disk and it will report if it is necessary to defragment it or not. If it is necessary to defragment the disk you click the ‘Defragment’ button and the selected disk is being defragmented.

Can you do a defragmentation in XP?

Here you see that the defragmentation process is running. If you want to abort the process you can click ‘Pause’ or ‘Stop’.

After this process is finished you get the message that the disk is been defragmented and you can view a report about this defragmentation or you can defragment your other disk(s).
It could be that not all the files could be defragmented and you can review it in the report. If this occurs, the next screen is shown.

Here you can click the ‘View Report’ button to view the report of the defragmentation or ‘Close’ to close this popup.  Now the computer has put the clusters more together so your hard disk(s) will have a better performance.
The larger your hard disk is, the longer it takes to defragment it. So you do good if you make 2 or more partitions if you have a hard disk with a large capacity.