Can you use tab top curtains on a bay window?

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by Fiona

Bought curtains for my daughters bedroom only to find they are tab top and the window is a large bay?

Can you purchase poles for tab top curtains? for a bay window? Or would it be simpler to have the curtains altered to pencil pleat?

Kind regards

Can you use tab top curtains on a bay window?

Hi Fiona

The answer is no, you can’t put working tab top curtains on a bay pole. The tabs won’t pass the passing brackets near the bends. Only special rings called passing rings will work on these poles.

My advice to anyone who buys tab top curtains. No matter what kind of window you intend to hang them on is only use them as dress curtains. They dont glide over the poles very well and end up looking scruffy.

So putting pencil pleat tape on the top and loosing the tabs is the best way forward. You can then hang them from a standard curtain track or a bay pole. With bay poles the cheap but still fairly pricey ones are rubbish don’t waste your money. The better ones will cost a small fortune. £ 350 upto £ 1,000

Best Regards