Cape Town- In The Fairest Cape in the World

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Non-Golfing Agenda

The Victoria and Albert Waterfront is always an interesting place to mosey around. A good place for the non golfers to check out while you are on the golf course. There is also a guided tour and ferry ride to Robben Island. This is the place where former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela was interred during the Apartheid Years. Your visit is important to us. If you are not into retired prisons, that’s ok. This island is also the home of many species of wildlife, some which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. A good place to take a camera.

The summit of Table Mountain pictured above, can be reached by cable car. The views of the Bay from this vantage point are well worth the trip. Little furry animals called dassies

sort of run the place but in an unofficial capacity. They are a terrific entertainment! If you hail from western North America, you may mistake them for Prairie Dogs. And perhaps while you are here you will be able to see where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic meet – the heat of the one meeting the cold of the other can look almost as if someone took a piece of chalk and drew a line at the precise place where they come together.

Cape Town  In The Fairest Cape in the World

Also on the agenda:

  • Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
  • Groot Constantia – one of the oldest wine estates in South Africa, dating back to 1685. It is built in the Cape Dutch style of architecture.
  • Rhodes Memorial
  • Seal Island
  • The Penguin Colony
  • Cape Point Nature Reserve
  • Durbanville Hills Wine Route – this is arranged for the non golfers while you swing your clubs at Milnerton.
  • Cultural and musical tour – also arranged for non golfers on the day you play Steenberg.If you happen to be in Cape Town in September and are interested in Marathons, The Cape Argus/Woolworths Gun Run is a bike marathon raced there every year around this time. If you want to join the race or want to watch it, let us know. The personal challenge is to finish the race before the Noon Day Gun is fired on Signal Hill.

    Animals – to be seen and photographed but not touched

    Maybe you are in a thriving metropolis when you are in Cape Town, but be on the look out for wild animals. Seals and penguins can be seen just barely off shore. If you see something that looks a tiny bit like a small DC-8, it is probably a pelican in flight. Baboons like to hang out on the outskirts of town. They seem to have a thing for lemons and are notorious for stealing them from the residents’ backyards. But they are wild so don’t feed them. They get quite hostile when you run out of treats for them, sort of like bears. And just as dangerous.