Captivating Football Weightlifting Program – Dazzling And Stunning

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can be hard to find sometimes. This program blows all other football exercise programs out of the water. Most college programs are based on maintenance, this one is based on increasing your intensity. There are many important steps you need to take to be successful. This football workout is designed to get you stronger, faster, and more flexible. Each workout is important to your success. This program is designed to improve you as a football player.

This football weightlifting program will have you walking on to an NFL team in no time. With this program if you can incorporate a good football specific diet into your routine and remember to take protein supplements, you will be a step ahead of the rest. If this football workout is to time-consuming, you might want to consider trying some of the oldest workouts that still cannot be topped, check out these mass building workouts.

First, let’s learn about conditioning…..

With each football weightlifting program – always remember to do proper stretching exercises before and after games and practices, making flexibility one of your goals.

With this football workout you will be doing exercises for explosiveness, flexibility and stamina. After each day, try doing football specific running drills. With this program I found it to work best in this pattern: 2 days working out, 1 day off, 2 days working out, 2 days off and then repeat it all over.

Captivating Football Weightlifting Program   Dazzling And Stunning

Before we get into the program, I wanted to go over the exercises that you will use in this football weightlifting program.

Lets get started….

Explosiveness: “E”

Any exercise with an “E” attached to it you will need to use chains or elastic bands and attach it to a bar. This makes more resistance as the bar is lifted.

No Rest Workout: “NRW”

All the exercises with “NRW” instead of the number of reps, means you perform that workout for 1 minute straight with no rest for however many sets.

Three Singles: “TS”

All of the workouts with “TS” next to it means the last three sets are one rep and are done at 90% of your 1-rep max.

Kettle Bell Swing:

Everyday you workout, remember to warm up using the kettle bell swing.

Football Weightlifting Program

Exercises Sets Reps
Kettle Bell Swing 2 12
Power Clean 4-7 5
Bench Press“E” 4 10
Lying Tricep Press 4 6
Lateral Shoulder Raises“NRW” 4 10
Swiss Ball Sit-ups 4 20-30
Neck Flexion 3 12-14

Exercises Sets Reps
Box Jumps 4-5 3-4
Barbell Squats“E” 8 10
Deadlift 8 10
Seated Rows 4 12
Calf Raises 4 20
Hanging Leg Raises 4 10-12
Dumbbell Clean 4 6


Exercises Sets Reps
Power Clean 4 6
Incline Press“TS” 5 5,3,1,1,1
Pull-ups 4 8-12
Overhead Extensions 5 6
Lateral Pull downs 5 8
Side Obliques 4 12-15
Lateral Neck Flexion 3 12-15

Exercises Sets Reps
Single Leg Squat 4-8 4-6
Kaiser Squat Machine 2-4 2-4
Glute Ham Raises 4 10-12
Calf Raises 4 12
Swiss Ball Crunches 4 12-30
Neck Rotation/Twist 3 12-14



So remember this football program is not only a good practice but it will also prepare you for your next game. If you are looking to get better results, you need specific football weightlifting programs to help take you to the next level. Just remember to follow this program the best as you change and you’ll see results.