Car Auctions, Internet sites and Price Guides are all great ways to get a great deal on used cars, trucks and SUVs

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A little known item of information. Car dealers buy from other dealers and car auctions, which in turn helps them determine the wholesale price of that used car. The wholesale price will likely be the trade-in price they offer for a customer’s car, when that person buys a new car. The higher retail priceis what dealers charge when they sell the same car.

In private sales between individuals, the price can be anything, but is usually somewhere between the wholesale and retail prices.car auctions

Key factors that affect the price of an individual car, include the car’s mileage, its condition, optional equipment, and even its location in the country. Yes, climate actually can affect the value of a car. That’s why pricing for used cars, even of the same make, model, and year, can vary by a wide range.car search
You can also check out prices online for new and used cars and trucks, or consult printed price guides such as the Kelley Blue Book, Edmund’s or the National Automobile Dealers Association Official Used Car Guide.(N.A.D.A guide book for short)

Price guides are often available at bookstores, newsstands, or libraries. Car dealers and bank loan officers often keep them on hand as well. These are some of the best sources for “price” information. Great sources to have to make sure you don’t pay to much for a used car.car a

uction Car Auctions, Internet sites and Price Guides are all great ways to get a great deal on used cars, trucks and SUVs

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A great way to figure out what a used car is worth in your area is to check out the classified ads in local publications. Researching ads and online car searches will give you an idea of the prices being asked by private parties and by local dealers.

You can also perform a car search online or check out car auctions in your particular area. Online car searches are good for up to date listings and pricing on vehicles.

If you have a trade-in, particularly a late-model car, you can also check-out the used-car department of local new-car dealerships. Ask what they’d give you for the car in a straight-out sale. Whatever figure you come up with is the minimum you can expect to get for the car. You should gather all of the information before you actually negotiate a trade-in with a dealer.used car auction