Car Tips – High Risk Insurance

High risk insurance is like a big rock that has rolled over on top of you. You just want to get out from under it. You’re required to heed administrative routines, attend classes, and pay fines.

“How can I get out from under this rock? It’s affecting everything in my life. I have to get another job to pay for everything, and I can’t get to my main job because I’ve got all this stuff I have to do for the court. Lord help me.

The future looks bleak.

I’m doomed.”

Sound familiar?

I feel for you brother.

It’s not fun struggling like this. It’d be nice if you could look at is a “challenge” but that’s asking a bit much.

Looking for the “Magic Bullet”?

I can save you some time…

Car Tips   High Risk Insurance

Don’t have it…

…and neither does anyone else.

What qualifies?

  • Driving under the influence
  • At fault accidents while driving
  • Repeat traffic offenses
  • Too many tickets in a short period of time
  • License suspension or revoked

Anyone else?

Well, sure…

• If you are over 70… under certain conditions in many states
• Sports cars
• High performance vehicles

What specifically do you need to work on?

Let’s start off with your Driving Record.

Focus on the little things. When you drive, your goal is to get through the next three years without any tickets, wrecks, and DUIs. You want to put this nightmare into your rearview mirror.

Why three years?

That’s how long your violations will remain on your record.

Car Tips   High Risk Insurance


• Lead a sober life

• Drive a good used older car

• Don’t carry Comprehensive

• Clean up your credit

• Shop aggressively for insurance rates. They can vary as much as $400, even for a nonstandard policy.

You’ll be issued a “nonstandard” policy which is designed for high risk drivers in order to give them a fresh start

If your license has been suspended or revoked, you need to carry a SR-22.

The SR-22 proves your financial responsibility in lieu of an insurance card. The law requires that you carry this for three years.

Good Luck!