Car Tips – Why Frontend And Suspension Are Important?

Pardon my bad English, I’m from France…

My suspension and frontend why does it matter to me? Because it plays another role in safety if not maintained correctly. Did you know worn out shocks and struts can not only lead to handling problems but also tire wear and braking? One tip is to bounce your car in the front and back just once see if it bounces more than 1 1/2 times then you most likely have worn shocks and struts. If you see any leakage have them replaced as well.

If your having alignment check like I suggest,the local shop if they know what they are doing will check the front end out to see condition it is in. If you have a loose tie rod or ball joint which can lead to excessive tire wear. They will tell you then if your car is good enough shape to align. Rule of thumb is 60000 miles for changing shocks and struts but try the bounce test and look for leaks as well before changing them.

Of course if your car is real bouncy then replace accordingly. Now if you are one of those do it yourself changing shocks or strut or even front end parts. I would still highly recommend you have alignment done. Because when you change struts alot of times it throws the alignment out, excessively in some cars. Which can lead to crooked steering wheel and ruin your tires you just replaced hate to do that! Believe me one or two weeks driving on a badly out of align car can chop a tire up!

Car Tips   Why Frontend And Suspension Are Important?

Then it is hard to wear that tire evenly again probably get a vibration and unwanted noise out of those tires. All because you didnt have your car aligned right away. Usually a good shop will align your car in an hour some require more time. Another tip schedule appointment for that alignment save you alot of time waiting most shops will do appointments if they are professional.