Card game for little kids to practice math

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This card game is for little kids to practice their math skills. Here, they practice adding, subtracting and multiplying the numbers 1 to 10. They also practice spelling out these numbers.

Parents or older kids can guide the little ones along as they learn these math skills.

To Play

1. Put the number cards face down in a stack.

2. Put the action cards face down in another stack.

3. 1st player picks a card from the action stack.

4. If that card is + – or X, pick 2 number cards.

5. If that card is anything else, pick 1 number card.

6. Based on the action card and number card/s, the adult or older kid asks a question. The kid with the card answers.

7. If the kid gives the correct answer, he scores 1 point. The adult or older kid can help guide him along. The action card is put back in the stack while the number cards are set aside.

Card game for little kids to practice math

8. When all the number cards are drawn, the game ends.

9. The adult or older kid tallies the points and the kid with the most points wins.

What the action cards mean in this card game

+ add the numbers together.

- subtract the smaller number from the bigger one.

X multiply the numbers together.

spelling spell out the number

+1 add 1 to the number

-1 subtract 1 from the number

+10 add 10 to the number