Card Trick Glimpse – Card Trick

Use the card trick glimpse to learn card magic.  In magic terms, the glimpse is pretty simple. It is the act of secretly sighting and remembering a particular card in the deck. Once you know your card then you can use this to your advantage do to some cool magic card tricks. The glimpse is a simple way to learn card magic.

Bottom Card Glimpse:

Hand the deck to a spectator to be shuffled. When he is done, hold out your right hand to take the deck back. Hold your right hand rather high during this process. This will make it easy for you to naturally look at the bottom card. The best way to do this is take the deck back with your right thumb underneath the face card and your fingers on top of the pack.

Slightly tilt the cards back giving you full view of the left corner. Don’t tilt them back too far, as it will make it obvious. After you take a glimpse of the card immediately look back at the spectator. Make the process natural and no one will have suspicion of you knowing the bottom card.

Card Trick Glimpse   Card Trick

Top Card Glimpse:

This glimpse has to be quick and will take some practice to make it look natural. Take the deck in your left hand with your left index finger curled up over the outer end and the thumb lying flat against the left-side edge. Okay now you ready.

Get the attention of someone in the audience by saying, “I need a volunteer”. As you say this, turn the back of the left hand uppermost, bringing the deck face upwards. Use your left fingertips to push the top card to the slightly to the right. This will expose the top corner of the card. Note and remember the card. Then move your left hand back to its original position. This has to be done quick and natural while having the audience trying to figure out who the volunteer will be!