Caribbean Guyanese recipes

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Caribbean Guyanese recipes these days might conger up visions of exotic fruits and vegetables like pineapples, mangos, pomegranates, coconuts, sweet potatoes and plantains – just to name a few.

But if you can pictures a small girl standing around her mother’s stove cooking salt fish cakes while her mother recalls her youth saying
“When I was a little girl I had to milk the cow before I went to school”
this would be closer to the basic recipes I remember.

When I was growing up eating Guyanese food meant black-eyed peas, and rice, with pepper-pot stew and coconut salara cake for desert.
The exotic fruit side is something I have now come to appreciate as an adult wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

In my mother’s day and during most of my childhood one would have been hard press to find these fruits in our local shops – let alone afford to buy them. Thankfully now many of these exotic items are ready available to buy form most local supermarkets.

As the food of one’s home country normally plays a major part of one’s culture identity the loss of recipes not practiced or passed on for whatever reason would be a great loss.

I have therefore added some of the recipes below that are commonly known, loved and used in Guyana – all courtesy of my mother.

Coconut Salara cake
Tasty “Swiss Roll” look pastry bake made with freshly grated coconut, sweet and rich texture: makes a great pudding or cake to slice and have with tea or soft drinks.

Caribbean Guyanese recipes

Cookup rice and Yellow split peas
Traditional Rice and Meat meal cooked together to make one dish
very filling for a large appetite. Suggested serving; with side salad and make serving smaller.

Conkie Pudding
Variation on traditional Guyanese pudding cooked in banana leaves. Serving suggestion: Hot served with custard.

Mango Salad
Fresh green and tasty with sweet mangos and red onions: Ideal side salad dish to serve with rice

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