Cartoon Cat Art – What You Need To Know?

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If you have not drawn the cat in a cartoon like pose, or have even attempted it ; or even; not that successfully… I am going to give you some hinters that will help you on your way.

I love these characteristic cats, and bringing out the best

of them… well.. in tong-and-cheek, you could say!

Right! down to business…..

First of all, I stayed up one night drawing these cartoon sketches at the dinning table, while the TV was blaring away in the background, (Not my fault).It was the best place where the light was strongest….

Sometimes I do draw some lessons with my drawing pad on the computer, though I have not mastered it like I canon the plain old drawing paper and pencil though.

Cartoon Cat Characters

I have a different range of cats for you to have a look at. Different shapes and demeanor’s. Capturing the cartoon cat in many different ways and situations is primarily a study. The different expressions of the cat and also the cats different moods at the time.

Any idea!

They are all different in their own ways. They are showing an emotion that is accentuated within the cartoon itself.

“When you’re curious you find lots of interesting things to do. And one thing it takes to accomplish something is courage.”"~ Walt Disne

They are “satires” almost. Expressing their intentions that are exaggerated way, though, through this intention of the artist; the artist is making the scene amusing of the cartoon cat.

Amusing… that’s right!  When you think about it, the artist is making the situation of its character amusing to our senses. The artist is driving ford a message that no matter what character they choose to draw. There going to bring out the amusement and also hilarious side for us to chuckle about.

Have a look at these different examples that I have drawn, what do you see? from playful, joy, scared, to total indifference. You cant mistake it, its a clear as the nose on your face.

So how do we get to this stage in order to take just a simple subject and create a more so funny side to them?

Cartoon Cat Art   What You Need To Know?

How to Draw your Cartoon Cat

Every cat, no matter what it is. It could be a moggy, through to the purest of purebreds. And this is where we start.

What features does this cat have, breed wise firstly:

  • Does the breed depict that it has a long coat or a short coat of fur.

  • Is it a slender cat, of heavy built cat.

  • Short legs, or long legs.

  • Sharp facial features or Heavy facial features.

The list could go on……

Once you have decided upon this, an idea. Make a list of the features that this certain breed of cat has on a piece of paper first. Then go to the next step:

  • What sort of character does the cat have.

  • Is it a lazy cat, or highly strung cat.

That’s right…. we are firstly determining what sort of cat it is. Once we have noted this, we than work out what sort of character the cat has.

We are sect ionizing the cats unique character and breed features. This give you not only a base to start with. It also gives you the platform to create a unique cartoon character within itself.

All these different cartoon cat pictures show different moods, and shapes, and lets not forget the different fur characteristics as well.

If a cat was uptight and over strung: you would most probably be thinking of a thin slinky cat prowling around, ready to take off at the slightest action.

If I was to ask you to picture a lazy cat. You would probably be thinking of well…. a moggy, with a big belly and come-to-bed-eyes. Laying around your house.

All these things that determine how you are going to bring out the most in your cartoon. You just don’t find a cat and draw it the same as you would any other cat. Or what about the same cat, shape and all – in many different situations. It would get pretty boring after a while. No, you study your subject and then, by determining what best suits that sort of cat, as we have discussed. You accentuate these features.

Just have a look at the cartoon cat sitting down. He has a completely indifferent look in his eyes and face. The I don’t care attitude, his great! And look at  his tail, isn’t that saying the same. A story in one, you can determining the moment that you see this cartoon cat, and what he is all about.

Your ability to capture this and make someone smile, will indeed also bring a smile to your face as well.