Casino – Caribbean Stud Poker

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Players kick off this five-card poker game by placing their bets in the ante circle and receiving five cards face down from the dealer. The dealer only gets four cards face down and one showing. In addition the dealer has to have an Ace, King or higher to play his hand against the players.

Players can choose whether to forfeit their bets and fold after looking at their cards, but if they opt to play they must bet double the ante exactly. If the dealer has an Ace, King or higher he or she compares hands with the players, who are paid even money on the ante – and a bonus depending on what hand they got – if they beat the dealer.

Casino   Caribbean Stud Poker

For poker fans, Caribbean Stud Poker offers an additional allure: the Progressive Super Jackpot. This enticing jackpot grows when each player drops a one dollar chip into the slot before making the ante. A Royal Flush is the only hand that pays up one hundred per cent of the jackpot.