Celestron Firstscope 80EQ

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Realistically this is Celestron’s lowest astronomical entry level scope. (Smaller versions are available at 60 and 70mm, but most users would tell you not to go under 3″ for a starter refractor)

As you can see it is a refractor, with an 80mm (3.1″) objective lens.

 Celestron Firstscope 80EQ

The tripod has setting circles and slow-motion controls, which together with the equatorial mount allows precise control for the observer. It is also fitted with a useful accessory tray – somewhere to put your spare eyepieces and find them easily in the dark!

It takes standard 1.25″ eyepieces and comes with a 20mm (45x) and a 10mm (90x) eyepiece.

  • 80mm (3.1″) Refractor
  • 900mm Focal Length, f/11
  • Equatorial Mount with Setting Circles and Slow Motion Adjustment Cables
  • Sturdy Adjustable Aluminum Tripod with Accessory Tray
  • Telescope Weight: 18 lb.

This telescope is an ideal introduction for the beginner of any age. The equatorial tripod allows you easily counter the rotation of the Earth with only one control. (Azimuthal tripods require you to make adjustments to both controls simultaneously, which can be far more frustrating and far easier to lose the object, especially at high magnification)

Since it takes standard accessories you will be able to re-use the eyepieces in other scopes, and use other accessories, such as barlow lenses or camera adapters from any manufacturers.

The size of the objective lens (80mm) is large enough to see planets and deep space objects, but the combination of this lens and the tripod does limit the highest magnification to around 120x with the appropriate eyepiece and no wind.

If you’re looking for a good, low-cost starter scope, then this may be the very model for you.