Celestron Telescopes – General Review

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Celestron telescopes have been renowned for their classic design and build quality for several years. There is a great rivalry between Celestron and Meade which has made both companies continue to deliver fine products across the entire range, year after year.

Of course this rivallry benefits the backyard astronomers like us, as the competition drives prices down and quality and value-for-money up.

Celestron have six ranges of telescopes. The Firstscope and Advanced series are the ones most often chosen for first telescope purchases as they offer the most features for your dollar and are well suited to all astronomical pursuits.

The Celestron Firstscope range includes refractors and reflectors aimed at first time astronomers. These are keenly priced, basic, but good quality pieces of equipment, the larger models of which are suitable for planetary and deep space viewing alike.

Celestron Telescopes   General Review

The smallest of the Firstscope range, the 60mm and 70mm refractors are probably too small for any real astronomical use, but those above 75mm are fine introductory scopes and will give many years of viewing pleasure for younger and older astronomers.