Challenger Treadmills – What You Need To Know?

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If you are looking at Challenger treadmills, you will soon realize that there are various features on these treadmills you can use to enhance your workout. Along with a heart rate monitor, the Challenger treadmills also have a calorie counter so you know how many calories you burn in each workout. You can choose various levels for your walking, such as on a level surface or an incline, just as you would have outdoors.

With the Challenger treadmills, there are different programs you can use for your workout. Thus, you get treadmill workout plans free with your purchase. These plans are included in the console of the treadmill and all you have to do is choose the plan you want with the push of a button. Everyone knows that there are more calories burned walking on an incline treadmill and with the Challenger, you can change the incline level to suit your workout plans.

The price you pay for your Challenger treadmill will determine the number of features that you have access to. On some of the more expensive models of the Challenger, there is a CD feature where you can download free treadmill workout plans from the computer and use them on the treadmill. This gives you extra treadmill workout plans free to use at any time. You can store them in the treadmill or use the CD each time. You also get a video to help you use the treadmill to its best advantage with the purchase.

Challenger Treadmills   What You Need To Know?

Most of the Challenger treadmills have a weight loss feature that lets you count the calories burned by walking on an incline. A treadmill with incline features lets you change the incline as you need to while you are walking. In fact, you can choose a workout plan on the treadmill that automatically increases the incline for you to assure that you get the best cardio workout and burn the most calories.

The amount of space you have in your home for your daily workout will determine the type of Challenger treadmill you purchase. If you live in an apartment, you would be interested in a model you can fold up when you are finished with your workout. If you have a treadmill that several people in your home like to use, you can get Challenger treadmills that are very lightweight and have wheels so you can move them from one room to another. With each of these you can use the treadmill workout plans free and store them in the computer of the treadmill, so that each person can use his/her favorite plans.