Chandler real estate in the beginning

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Chandler real estate in the beginning: in 1891, Dr. Alexander John Chandler bought 80 acres of land from the federal government.

By the turn of the century, Dr. Chandler owned 18,000 acres. Faced with irrigation problems, Dr. Chandler sub-divided his ranch and drew up a township. He advertised nationally the sale of Chandler ranch sites. Excursion trains brought land speculators who purchased $50,000 worth of property.

By 1920, Chandler’s population had grown to 1000 citizens. Dr. Chandler’s dream of creating a town with landscaped parks surrounded by businesses and homeowners was becoming a reality.

Chandler real estate in the beginning

While Dr. Chandler probably would not recognize modern Chandler, he would be proud. Chandler has evolved into an integral part of “The Silicon Desert” with more than 175,000 residents.

A Chandler Arizona home for sale is in high demand because of the increasing population, number of investors and the commercial expansion in the area.