Change Habits using Self-Hypnosis

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You can accomplish your goals and change habits using self-hypnosis. The reason is simple. The sub-conscious mind hold your habits (as well as emotions and long term memory), therefore this is where you need to work for altering behavior.

Habits come in three varieties.

  • Habits of Behavior You know this kind. You eat at 12 noon, whether you’re hungry or not.
  • Habits of Thought A little harder to spot, but just as tenacious. A six-inch putt always makes you think “I’ll look like a fool if I miss.”
  • Habits of Feeling How is it possible that, even as an adult, you can still feel like a kid whenever you walk into your childhood home?

Once a habit is in place, it can be very hard to change. That’s because it’s difficult for adults to access the sub-conscious mind.

Using what you are learning about self-hypnosis, all of that changes. You finally are able to speak to the part of the mind where habits live and in a language that will be understood and accepted. Now you will be able to change habits that you are finished with and create new and healthy habits to enhance your future.

Change Habits using Self Hypnosis

You Can Do It

It is possible to change behavior and accomplish your goal. Properly worded suggestions given to the sub-conscious mind begin the process. Once you have reached one goal, create a new suggestion and using the same procedure, apply it to another habit.Change Habits

Follow the Process

I do hope that you take this opportunity to open yourself up to change. Relieve yourself of any fears that you may have by reading Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.’s) and Misconceptions. Then follow the process in Problem Solving and Specific Techniques.

Just imagine how your life will improve without the unwanted habit. And it only takes 2 – 3 minutes twice a day to make a real difference. You may think that it’s too easy to be true, but by learning how your mind works, and using these methods of self-hypnosis, it is possible to change habits.

Personal Story

Personally, one of the most important benefits that I have noticed by practicing self-hypnosis is my breathing. I used to be one of those people who always sighed.

Taking big breaths was not something I wanted to do, it was a compulsion. I had the feeling that I had to take a big breath but I rarely got the relief that I wanted. I could not take a deep enough breath to get relief from that feeling. If you have ever experienced it, you know how irritating it can be. (It is irritating to people living with the sigh-er, too!)

Was this something that I worked on with the help of hypnosis? No, it was a “side-effect” of the lovely relaxation that I enjoy daily.

You also, can enjoy wonderful relief from stress along with getting rid of habits that you are ready change.