Changing relations is not always easy… but do you know of one who needs to change?

Changing relations may sound like a hard thing to do. This may true because of the kind of changes and people involved. Sometimes if it is too difficult to change a relationship so you may have to end it.

Problems happen when a relationship becomes out of balance. When one side keeps giving then trust issues pop up.

Real trust means everything in a good relationship. Solid relationships must be based on truth and trust in one another. This is true for all relationships business, family and friends.

Ever hear the expression, “put yourself in the other person’s shoes?” This is you trying to be aware of how the other person feels. But unless you have experienced what the other person is facing it is difficult to grasp how they feel.

Changing relations is not always easy... but do you know of one who needs to change?

What is your relationship give and take ratio?

Do you think you can split give and take 50/50 in a relationship? A 50/50 relationship is a myth. Ratios like a 40/60, 50/50 or 20/80 are more like it.

Sometimes one person needs to take or give 100% from the relationship. Every person needs change day to day in and out of any relationship.

Your top priority as with all people is trying to keep a giving attitude. Giving creates a balance even when things seem out of balance. Giving your best effort is your starting place.

Warning…sometimes you can give a relationship your all and still be abused. There are destructive people in your life and you may not even be aware of this fact. Hit the “Go to meet your real life vampires” link below


Become a giver… understanding is the key to a good relationship…so is…being a litle kinder.