Changing what you do to make a living is risky but rewarding in so many ways

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Changing jobs, deciding on a new career or starting a new business can transform your life. Don’t let anyone tell you different or worse yet kid yourself.

But satisfying work and making more money are two fantastic benefits to a fulfilling life. Understand any new and satisfying working-for-a-living adventure must be one based on your assignment in life.

Changing what you do to make a living is risky but rewarding in so many ways

Your assignment in life is your purpose. If you can work your passion and get paid for it then by you have the best of both worlds.

Here is a sample of questions (taken in part from the book “Fresh Brewed You.” -Book one

1. What gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping?

2. Who do you admire most?

3. Whose pain do you feel most?

4. What do you love to do?

Find your life assignment and to figure out how to turn it into making a great living. Working your purpose everyday is satisfying and joyful work.


Do You Have a Big Why? The big why is not what you think or feel you want… it is what you must have When you do anything with a big why or grand purpose you don’t focus on your pain of doing what you need to do. You look beyond hurt. And you focus on your actions needed. All you see is your reward because of what you’re doing.

Getting motivated to take more action becomes easier. When you do anything with purpose you do it with passion. What you love to do stops being long days doing ugly work. It becomes so much more rewarding



If you look for your purpose and passion then sooner or later it is going to find you. This is where you find real motivation and a life of happy work.