Chatting In The Dance Class – Don’t Do It!

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I know it’s tempting. Really, I know it is. You’re leaning against the barre while another group is doing the combination, and you just have to tell your friend beside you about what you did last night, or who you talked to on the phone, or what happened in school that day. It starts out in whispers, then escalates to a bit of laughter, then you’re full-out talking to each other while your peers are pirouetting or shifting across the floor. Yikes. That’s just uncool. Totally uncool.

Here’s why.

Your chatting is actually translated into these three exclamations:

“I don’t care about this stupid class!”

“I’m the most important person in this studio!”

“Don’t pay attention to anyone but me!”

Would you shout out any of these statements in the middle of dance class? If you would, you’re probably not very serious about dance, so I’d advise you to stop reading this right now.

If you wouldn’t shout these out, then you understand how fundamentally rude it would be to do so. Excellent. That’s an important thing to recognize. You wouldn’t intentionally do something so inappropriate. I know you don’t mean to be rude by chatting in class, but unfortunately, rudeness is exactly what your chatting is creating.

Chatting In The Dance Class   Dont Do It!

Of course it’s okay to comment to a friend about the exercise, or to quietly ask a question, but it’s not okay to chit-chat.

It not only disrespects your fellow dancers, but it also disrespects the teacher, not to mention robbing you of your own growth and development by being in the class in the first place.

By keeping your mouth closed and your ears open, your experience in class will be much more fruitful.

Not only will your observation skills benefit, but you’ll also gain tons of great feedback by listening to your peers’ corrections from the teacher. Do you think corrections for other dancers don’t apply to you? Think again. There’s a whole world of valuable information just waiting to be soaked up by you in class… if your chatting isn’t competing with it.

The next time you’re in class, be aware of how different an experience it can be by trying one or all of the following in place of chit-chat:

1. Discreetly mark the exercise on the side.

2. Actively observe one of your peers during the exercise.

3. Listen acutely to everything the teacher says.

I challenge you to try this for one full week of classes. Write to me and let me know how it went, and whether you learned anything new. I know you can do it!