Cheap Toys or Frugal Gifts for Kids

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Cheap Toys, and frugal gifts for kids are two things we have learned to do well!

We plan ahead and during the spring or summer usually buy all birthday, and Christmas presents.


Amazon has a few big sales a year. In the springtime (more than once) and in the summertime. And we sometimes get our Halloween costumes during these times.

What you want to look for is free shipping to make it worth your while.

One year we got these large action figures (larger than a Barbie doll) for around 3.00 dollars. They were normally 12 to 15 dollars.

We also bought a train for around 9 dollars last year. When the box came I thought they sent me the wrong thing! It was absolutely huge! Each train car was almost the size of shoe box! I looked again around Christmas time and the same train at the same store was around 49.00 dollars!

Cheap Toys or Frugal Gifts for Kids

See what we mean by “Plan Ahead!” We saved 40 dollars on action figures, and we saved 40 dollars on a train for less than a few minutes of work! No matter where you are from thats a good chunk of change to keep in your pocket!

Cheap Toys just means they were a bargain.

Plus a good side effect:

I don’t have to buy a 50 dollar train because its Christmas eve and my son wants a train. I am not stressed! I have all my presents for months!

Always Always Plan Ahead to get the good deals!!!!