What Are The Benefits And The Downfalls Of Cherries?

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Just like an apple that is high in fiber, this delicious little member of the plum family works to lower cholesterol levels. It is also known to have anti-inflammatory abilities making it an excellent choice for goutand arthritis sufferers

If you are allergic to the plum this sweet and sour fruit can mean a reaction is around the corner.

Although the sour cherry is naturally better for you due to it’s higher vitamin and mineral content, the sweet sibling is the one normally found for snack time or desserts. But both are great sources of vitamin c and beta carotene.

What Are The Benefits And The Downfalls Of Cherries?

When trying to purchase this fruit, make sure it is firm to the touch and has a nice green stem. Too mushy means it is over ripe and past it’s prime.

Another special note on this little member of the apricots and peaches family: They have pits. This means although they are a wonderful treat for children they may not be the best choice.

The best way to eat this fruit is to to wash it first and using the stem hold it in your mouth and bite around the seed. This will help make sure that the germs on the yummy gem are gone before you eat it!

As well using the stem will help make sure you can pull the fruit out of your mouth if you want to use your fingers to remove the seed.

Also, ensure that your child can fully chew and remove seeds from their mouth prior to giving them this fruit. Unless of course you are up to removing the seeds yourself for them.

Anyway you do it, it is good for everyone within reason.