Chic cocktail party planning ideas and party planning checklist

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Cocktail party planning doesn’t have to be a daunting task! These fun mingle parties are often best kept as the simple soirees they are meant to be. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring- quite the contrary! Have fun with cocktail party planning this year with some new cocktail party themes, stylish decor, drinks and super easy cocktail party food to put a twist on the “same old” party.

Cocktail Party Planning

These tips will help you plan a super chic event that you and your guests are sure to enjoy. Please note that while most parties are referred to as “cocktail parties”, this term applies for any type of mingle party theme.

Fun, Chic & Easy!

Will you be renting a hall or Hosting the party in your own home? Almost any home can be transformed into a festive party scene. Most cocktail parties can easily be held in your home with some minor furniture and decor rearranging and modification.

For example, if your hosting a retro fondue theme party, you can easily push together two coffee tables in your living room and arrange pillows for seating on the floor.

If you’re renting a hall, you will need to get estimates and research vender facilities or catering sites. Visit the Party Location and Considerations page for more ideas and suggestions.

Chic cocktail party planning ideas and party planning checklist

Party time!

Most cocktail and mingle parties are held in the evening, but it can be held whenever you like.

There are various twists and fun cocktail and mingle party themes, including holiday themed, or cocktail drink themed: ie: martini party, or Manhattan party. Traditionally cocktail parties are usually shorter than dinner parties, however, some cocktail parties can go for 3 hours, or longer. It depends on you and your guests, and there really are no set rules, per say. As the party host, you can have fun with those details and personalize your party.

Cocktail party planning should take into consideration guests who have to travel far distances, especially around the holidays. Are most local or traveling? This can have a bearing on the time the party should start and end. It is common for holiday parties to start much earlier than normal, so plan accordingly.


Once you have a cocktail theme in mind, even if its something as simple as a chic color scheme inspired by a red tablecloth, you should match it with great music, entertainment, party games and party decorations.

For a holiday cocktail party, a theme can be as easy as a candy cane or snow flake theme. (Visit the party theme page for more holiday ideas ie: candy cane party theme)

You might want to consider making your own cocktail party decorations, which is a great budget saver. Visit the Party Decorations page for fun and easy ideas.


●You will need to start planning your cocktail party food and drink menu. Will you be catering the event?

●Will you hire a bartender? Servers to pass Hors devours? Will you ask guests to help out?

●Will you have a specific food theme to go with your party theme? Something as simple as a red tablecloth can inspire a bright and fun Mexican themed cocktail party.

●You might want to consider a few different appetizer and finger food selections inspired by your theme.

●Possibly have a theme cocktail so you make just one or two drinks in a large batch, eliminating the need for a bartender.

Now you have some cocktail party planning tips and ideas to help create a fun and easy event!