Choose a cat for adoption

So you have chosen a cat as your source for your new cat? They range from young to old, from every temperament, docile and lazy to plain cantankerous. A cat-for-adoption is different than going to a breeder and getting a cute kitten.

What is your Cat Experience

If you are a dog lover then cats is a new experience. If you have never had cats or even pets there is a lot to know. Those really cute and cuddly kittens soon change and they need a lot of your time and attention. They require careful and patient training in household etiquette. You will have to kitten proof your home to avoid having an injured kitten. You also don’t know how your kitten will turn out personality wise. That’s all about genetics and of course learning and environment. You must be aware that your cat may have a nature or traits that are in conflict with your own. If you are prepared to invest time and effort then you can overcome these things. Alternatively you can adopt a mature cat where the personality is known and you can always modify common undesirable behaviors such as hiding and nipping.

Choose a cat for adoption

Are there Children?

One important question to ask. Are there young children in your family, say under 12 years of age. Active and vibrant kids can be a worry for a cat with a sensitive temperament. Don’t bring home a cat that is easily startled by noises and people running about. Also avoid cats that show aggression, that’s something you don’t need. Also beware that even a cute kitten at home with the kids, especially the under-sevens has it hazards for the kitten. They are physically relatively fragile and need consistent and gentle care and handling. If not they can develop serious behavioral problems.