Choose a fancy gold-fish as a pet

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What is a fancy gold-fish?

The fancy-goldfish is a much more expensive gold fish and the rarer varieties are often highly prized by serious collectors. A top fancy-goldfish can command a price in the range of $100 to $5000 for just one specimen. Some of the more recent ones such as the new Black and White Moor can have a list price of around $10,000!

A Fancy-Gold-fish has what can be termed a quiet and unobtrusive temperament. They can live as long as 8 years in a home aquariums, and as long as 25 years in a pond.

Some fancy-gold-fish history!

The Goldfish (Carassius auratus) had it’s origins in Eastern Asia some 1600 years ago. These were the result of very selective breeding of green and brown carp that were found in Southern Chinese streams. While the Chinese started this the Japanese continued with breeding and this resulted in various variants with pronounced physical characteristics. The Chinese concentrated efforts on the more unusual and characteristics that included the familiar protruding eyes and the graceful double tails.

About fancy-gold-fish breeding

The fancy-goldfish is genetically malleable in that breeding allows a vast array of shapes and characteristics to be achieved that includes a spectacular range of colors, as well as various body shapes, head, eye and fin shapes. These exotic varieties are not like those in the wild where the fish are much more hardy and resilient.

Choose a fancy gold fish as a pet

A fancy-goldfish is able to breed at around 8 to 12 months of age. The male goldfish will develop what are called breeding tubercules that protrude from leading ray of the pectoral fin and also on the large scale that covers the gill. The females comes into spawning condition in the spring when the water temperature rises to around 20 degrees C.

What about the Color?

A young domestic fancy-goldfish is actually olive in color, and only changes to adult color around 1 year old. The ultimate color is primarily influenced by the genetics, the fish diet and also the chemical composition of the water the fish lives in. Black is by far the most difficult color to breed and are very rare and so highly prized by enthusiasts.

The popular fancy-goldfish features

The most popular characteristics are what are termed telescope or protruding eyes, those with celestial eyes where they are facing upwards, pom pons which are nasal appendages or swollen lumps, and also warty growths on the head and these are lumps or crests that are a characteristic of the Lionhead variety