Choose the best home school curriculum for your kids

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There are a lot of home school curriculum out there. The best thing about home schooling is that you get to choose. You choose what your kids learn. Kids even have a say in when and how they want to learn.

Home school curriculum can be expensive and most you have to buy online. I personally like to see hard copies before I buy anything, making sure that I’m comfortable with a curriculum, and that my kids would likely want to use it.

Before you decide on a curriculum, ask around. Contact your local support group, borrow their curriculum, ask their opinion. Check your library. Check your local book store.

Here is a summary of home school curriculum available:

Choose the best home school curriculum for your kids

    • Complete home school curriculum
      You buy a complete curriculum so you don’t need to write your own. Some are accredited, some are not. Accredited curriculum usually means tests, grades, transcripts, and even a graduation.
    • Preschool Curriculum
      These curriculums are designed for preschoolers and focused more on learning skills, getting ready for reading and math.
    • Curriculum components
      You can buy curriculum for each subject that you want your kids to learn and choose which curriculum fit you best. I have a list of curriculum in
  • reading/phonics
  • math
  • science
    • Write your own curriculum
      Use online resources, books, other home schoolers experience to write your own customized curriculum.
    • None/unstructured
    Some people don’t use any curriculum at all. They just live and learn. As an example, a family running a farm would learn everything there is to know about farming without a curriculum. Things such as biology (sheep giving birth, milking cows, even cattle dying), math (how many gallons of milk per day per cow), economy (what to plant), etc.

What if it’s not working?

As always, with any home school curriculum you choose, YOU are in charge. If you find a curriculum is just not working :

  • Try changing place. Go outside, the park, near the river, on your backyard, on the tree house. Find a place where your kid is comfortable. Find what works
  • Try changing the time. Most kids learn best in the morning, but some just won’t function until late
  • Give it a break. Maybe your kid or you just are not in a good mood. Leave it for a day or two, maybe even a week. Do other things first. Then come back and see if it works this time. A friend of ours took some months of ‘de schooling’ before they can start. Take your time
  • Change it. If a curriculum is just not working for you no matter how, when and where you do it, maybe it is NOT for you. Try another home school curriculum
  • Check out my home school method page to see the different styles of home schooling. Maybe you’ll find one that fits your family best