Choose the perfect cafe curtain rod

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So your looking for a cafe rods but don’t know exactly what kind you need. Well let me give you soom ideas that will help you make up your mind. Most of these cafe rods are expandable. One half slides in side the other half so you can pull it out to the right width for your window. They hang from the window on little brackets which fit to the frame.

Mostly they are fixed to the window frame midway. Then the cafe curtain covers the bottom half of your window giving you some privacy while still letting in the light from above. Also if you have metal window frames or doors then you could use magnetic cafe curtain rods. This would save you the job of fixing the brackets to the window frame.

Choose the perfect cafe curtain rod

What colors can you get cafe curtain rods

The most popular colors are brass and nickel, but you can also get them in white and black. Some come with a choice of end finials.

Why use cafe curtain rings

Most cafe curtains have a rod pocket sewn into the top of the curtain. This allows you to push the rod through. Then simply hang the curtain and rod into the brackets. Using a

to support your curtain gives a bit more interest. The cafe curtain rings slide over the cafe rod then your cafe curtain hangs from the rings.

Most popular place to use a cafe curtain

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to most of you that the most popular room in the house to use a

is the kitchen. Often these are fitted to the window over the sink. This is the window where you spend a fair amount of time and feel conscious of people looking in especially after dark.

Another alternative is tension curtain rods

If you are fitting your curtain rod into a window recess ( window set back into the wall). Then another good option is

. These rods come in two halves again but expand by twisting the two halves. You expand the rod so it is slightly wider than the window recess.

Then put one end into the window opening. The pushing on the other end of the rod (this causes the rod to shrink) push into place on the other side of the window recess. There is a spring in the curtain rod that forces the rod to expand again holding it in place on both sides. The ends have little rubber stopper feet to give it some grip.