Choosing a beach style wedding dress

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To pick out a beach style wedding dress is one of the first choices you have to make. The best choice for a beach style wedding would be an informal dress. Simple yet elegant and classy.

A dress that fits the romantic beach surroundings on your wedding day.

A good advise is to start the wedding dress preparations at least 6 month before your wedding. Choosing a beach style wedding dress can be a fun but also difficult task. There are so many beautiful dresses to pick but you can only choose on.

It has to be the right one for you.

Maybe you already have and idea of how the wedding dress should look like. Maybe that image was created in your head a long time ago. Whatever style you choose make sure you try on many different models as early as possible. Your wedding dress might look totally different from what you imagined.

Choosing a beach style wedding dress


Broad shoulders. Do not use choose a beach style wedding dress with halterneck. I love halternecks and wear it all the time but for broad shoulders it is a no no. It will accentuate them! So stay clear!

Large breasts. Avoid the strapless beach style wedding dress if you have large breasts. I know many of them look like a dream on the models but do you really want to go around worrying if your dress is ok. You might end up pulling your top the whole night and who wants that! Looks kind of tacky too!

Tall bride. If you are on the tall side do not pick a wedding dress too fitted and long. Keep if just under the knees when it comes to length. You might want to go for a two piece to disguise the height.

Choosing a beach style wedding dress

More guiding will be added.


White! Right? Yes. I know the typical wedding dress in your head is white. But white is not always white. You may not realise how many different versions of white you can choose from. The harsh blue white traditional colour can be tough against your face. Test different white tones. Maybe the best colour for you is offwhite, crème, champagne or maybe gold, nougat or kaki.

Choosing a beach style wedding dress

Your dress on your special day should reflect who you are. Try to find a style that you feel comfortable with and is truly you. Dare to pick a dress that makes you sparkle. On this day YOU are the centre of attention, you are allowed to sparkle and glow – to be beautiful