Choosing a dolls house

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Choosing a dolls house can be made easy!

What dolls house appeals to you ? victorian, georgian, tudor, edwardian.

What style and size of dolls house am I looking for ?

Dolls houses are very similar to real houses in that their design, both inside and out, is as varied as the range of homes and their decor today.

But dolls houses have a special power that real houses don’t, they take us on a trip back in time.

Choosing a dolls house

Your dollhouse could be a family heirloom if you put enough love into it.

The most enjoyable way to build a dollshouse is, in my opinion either to build one from a kit, or to build it yourself from a plan.

If you wish to purchase a kit, these vary greatly in size, design and price.
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kit form dolls houses usually include components set which comprises of doors, windows, staircase, chimneys, hinges etc which you would need to finish the dollshouse

There is nothing more fun, than watching your child make up stories as the family members move around in a doll house.