Choosing a Treadmill: DC Motors are Best

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When you are choosing from the wide variety of motorized treadmills that are available today, you want to be sure that you select a model that will require as little treadmill motor repair as possible. As most exercisers like to while away their workout by watching TV or listening to music, another high priority will be a treadmill motor that is quiet. The best treadmill choice then is a brand that uses dc motors, as treadmill dc motors are both reliable and user friendly.

When you are investing in a treadmill, you will want to purchase a reliable brand that will require as few repairs as possible, and that will have a strong motor. Proform treadmill motors fit this bill perfectly. Proform treadmills pack a host of innovative features into their machines, including iFit technology, which allows you customize your routine to suit your own exercise needs. Proform treadmill motors are also durable and silent, requiring little treadmill motor repair, meaning that you won’t have to call on the great warranty that comes with Proform treadmills!

Proform motorized treadmills are available with different strengths of treadmill motor – your choice will depend on your particular exercising needs. A motor with a higher horsepower, or HP, is more suitable for more frequent exercise, and though this type of motor might be a little more expensive, its strength and durability make it well worth the investment. Proform offer a great range of motorized treadmills that include this type of motor at a very reasonable price. Look for a treadmill motor of at least 2.0 HP, or 2.5 if you use your treadmill frequently.

Choosing a Treadmill: DC Motors are Best

It is also important that you select one of the treadmill types that boast dc motors. This is the type of motor that is most suitable for treadmills bought for home use, as it is much quieter than the ac motor used in most commercial treadmill models. While the ac type motor is more powerful than the dc, it offers the sort of strength that is really only necessary in treadmills that are in constant use, like those in a public gym or fitness center. A dc motor is far more suitable for home use.

The motor quality is perhaps one of the most important factors to bear in mind when purchasing a treadmill, but when you select a Proform treadmill that includes dc motors, you can be sure you are making a good choice.