Choosing A Weight Lifting Shirt

So what is a weight lifting shirt? Well as the name implies, it is simply a shirt that is worn for a workout. In my experience, most t-shirts can make a good shirt for working out. I personally use a short-sleeved, white, cotton t-shirt.

Such a weight lifting shirt should be made of light fabric. Fabrics that come to mind are cotton or polyester or a blend of these or with other light fabrics. But choosing a shirt made of a particular fabric depends on such criterion as your sweat level. For those who sweat less than five minutes into a work out, cotton may not be very suitable because it absorbs a lot of moisture and does not lose it as fast. This might pose an uncomfortable situation. For people like these, a light fabric that absorbs and loses (evaporates) moisture would be suitable.

Choosing A Weight Lifting Shirt

A question of whether it should be tight or loose may also depend on a person. Some people may not feel at ease wearing tight clothing because of personal issues or just feel it’s inappropriate. Whereas, there are others who feel perfectly at ease when wearing tight clothing because it could be pleasing to their eyes or motivating for them to exercise. Whatever the case, remember not to wear a baggy shirt because it could be a recipe for disaster. For example if it gets caught in a moving machine such as a cardio machine, you could end up injuring yourself.

Also the sleeves should not be long enough to go past the wrist and worse yet, over the fingers. You may not be comfortable during a workout when you have to keep pulling your sleeves up all the time not to mention annoying. Sleeves that are too long could also be caught in moving machines resulting in serious injury. A decent sleeve length should go up to your wrist or elbow.

For most people colour of the shirt is not a big issue. If it is appealing to the eyes then you can wear a colour that you like. To some people wearing a certain colour may symbolise strength e.g. black. But if you want to keep your body cool, you may choose lighter colours and vice versa if you want to keep your body warm.