Here is the 10 point Garden Pond Designs Checklist!

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Working out your garden pond designs can be one of the most exciting aspects in creating a garden water feature. It can be fun too.

Garden pond ideas are all around you:Here is the 10 point Garden Pond Designs Checklist!

  • In friends’ (and strangers’) water gardens
  • Local public gardens
  • Books and magazines
  • TV shows
  • Just about everywhere you look…including here

You’ll find tons of ideas. That’s no problem.

Narrowing down those ideas is where you start feeling dizzy.

Our 10 point Garden Pond Designs checklist helps you do just that. It can help you simplify all your decisions to find the one(s) best suited to your tastes and requirements.

From practical experience comes practical tools.

When I first became interested in having a water garden I spent days researching garden pond designs. My eyes began to blur…and so did my mind after awhile. (When it comes to becoming dizzy over garden pond designs — been there, done that!) When I told others of my predicament, I was met with laughter and nods of commiseration. You see, they had experienced the same confusion.

In desperation I thought, “There must be an easier way to do this!

There is!

The 10 point Garden Pond Designs Checklist

You’ll find the checklist a simple and easy-to-use 4-step tool. Here’s all you do:

  • First, you’ll probably want to print the Garden Pond Designs checklist so you have a permanent copy of the results.
  • Second, review the 10 topics and their descriptions. They form the foundation for your decisions about garden pond designs. The descriptions give you a clear, concise “snapshot” of each topic.
  • Third, if you need any help with a topic, click on the navigation button on that topic at the left. You will find lots of valuable information on that specific topic.
  • Fourth, place a checkmark next to a boldeddescription heading, such as “Formal”, “Raised”, that 1) appeal to you the most — and 2) will complement your house and existing garden. (If a topic just has bulleted descriptive phrases with no heading, circle the phrases that most appeal to you and place a check in the “Topic” column that has at least 3 circled items.) Always keep in mind garden pond designs should look like they were an integral part of your home, not an afterthought that just doesn’t fit in.

Here is the 10 point Garden Pond Designs Checklist!

That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve checked off what appeals to you and will fit in with your home and existing garden, you will have a clear picture of what your garden pond design could be. Go for it.

10 point Garden Pond Designs Checklist

Topic Description
Style of House/Garden Write yours here
Style of pond design
  • Formal
  • Clean, classical, ordered, symmetric
  • Central focal point
  • Restrained, but colorful plantings
  • Sunken or raised
  • Asymmetrical
  • Relaxed, contemporary, dynamic, angular
  • Balanced in offset manner
  • Controlled, but naturalistic plantings
  • Sunken or raised
  • Informal
  • Soft, flowing curves
  • Blurred edges and gentle sloping sides
  • Unrestrained, somewhat dubdued plantings
  • Generally sunken
Sunken or Raised
  • Sunken Ponds
  • Natural look, even in formal setting
  • Any size or shape
  • Great for wildlife
  • Must excavate to install
  • Raised Ponds
  • Brings pond’s surface up-close
  • Ideal choice–small children, elderly
  • Integrate easily with harscapes
  • Special skills needed for installation
  • No excavation needed
Size of pond
  • Consider existing restrictions (trees, etc)
  • Opt for biggest in relation to garden/home
  • Consider plants and fish you want
  • Functional first: submerged, free-floating, floating-leaves
  • Protect health, provide shade
  • Decorative: marginal, moisture-loving,waterside
  • Minimum depths needed – 8″/25cm (decorative),18″/45cm (functional)
  • Consider needs of changing seasons
  • Protect health of pond
  • Add interest, color
  • Don’t overstock or stock with fish too big for pond size
  • kOI need lots of space and water
Flowing/Falling Water
  • Streams/rills
  • Streams are natural-looking, rills/curtains — clearly man-made
  • Need only slightest slope
  • Adds sound, movement, oxygenation
  • Fountains/water curtains
  • Almost unlimited styles and sizes
  • Range: bubble, fall gently to multiple tiers, splashing curtains
  • Definite focal point
Bridge/Stepping Stones
  • Bridges
  • Adds over water perspective
  • Consider as permanent, imposing feature
  • Must serve real purpose
  • Strong focal point
  • Style and placement complement house/garden
  • Stepping stones
  • Adds on water perspective
  • More subtle than bridge
  • Add feeling of fun, adventure
Lighting and mirrors
  • Lighting
  • Nighttime and daytime ponds different
  • Underwater–floating, shimmering appearance
  • Above water–adds sparkle, highlights
  • Pond side –for planting and lesser focal points
  • Safety feature
  • Use with restraint
  • Mirrors
  • Add extra reflective surface
  • Adds drama, theater
  • Creates illusion of more space–small gardens
  • Use with restraint
  • Adds light-catching quality
  • Consider existing restrictions (trees, etc)?
  • Consider pond style, size
  • Consider site conditions
  • Consider what needs “juggling around”

Enjoy and have fun with your pond…