Choosing Romantic Flowers for Her

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Romance and flowers can be serious and fun at the same time. Romantic flowers are always a good choice according to the women that I have interviewed, but selecting the right romantic flowers for the occasion can be crucial to the meaning of the gift.

For young love, roses are always a good choice. Whether you are 17 or 70, long stem red roses at the beginning of a relationship are nearly universal in saying, “I love you”. The discerning gentleman will take more time in choosing flowers for the second Valentines Day, the third anniversary or the fourth birthday celebration together.

Cut Flowers or a Planter?

The first thing to consider is whether to give a bouquet of cut stem flowers or an arrangement of flowers in a planter. The first consideration should be what kind of impression are you trying to make at this time? A beautiful bouquet of cut romantic flowers is usually more dramatic and makes an immediate, large impression. The flowers are bigger than can fit in a planter, so they make a bigger “splash”. As such, they often have to be cradled by the receiver and the scent of a large number of cut flowers have an immediate, positive affect. Remember, scent is much more important to women than men. This explains both the large number of women’s perfumes and why it did not bother you to only wash your gym clothes once a month in high school. Also, cut flowers are fragile and need immediate care. There is a required interaction between the gift and the receiver that creates a bond.

Why then would anyone want to give an arrangement in a planter?

Just as cut stems are a statement about how much she means to you in the here and now, they are temporary and will pass in a few days. An arrangement of romantic flowers in a planter will last longer and can be indicative of a long-term commitment. (Why do I feel a large number of you moving on to the next paragraph right now?) The potted flowers will not only last longer, but can be displayed less obtrusively in a room. They exude a quiet confidence that your relationship is solid. You are telling her that you love her and that your love is a lasting one.

Choosing Romantic Flowers for Her

The Meaning of Certain Flowers

Although many women could care less about the secret meaning of flowers, there are some that do and you should be aware of these historical messages so that you do not inadvertently send the wrong one.

This list is not exhaustive and concentrates mainly on the romantic flowers where you are telling her how much you care. The only general negative is to stay away from orange and yellow flowers as they indicate avoidance, jealousy, and hatred. Flowers that may want to give include:

Astroemeria – Devotion and Reciprocated Love

Baby’s Breath – Everlasting Love

Birds-Of-Paradise – Exotic Love

Carnations Red – Admiration Pink – I Will Never Forget You White – Innocence, Purity

Chrysanthemums Red – Love Gardenias – Secret Love

Lilly Calla – Beauty White – Virginity, Purity

Rose Red – Love Pink – Happiness White – Eternal Love, Innocence Red and White Together – Unity

Tulip Red – Declaration of Love for Her Variegated – Beautiful Eyes

The Delivery

Romantic flowers can be presented in person or by delivery. In person is often best when part of a further celebration – a night out or a romantic dinner at your place.

Having them delivered is a way of reaching out to remind her of your love. Delivering them to her work place shows the world that you care for her and that you do not mind declaring it for all to see. If she is a woman who travels, having them delivered to her in a distant city may be a pleasant surprise for her.

Choosing Romantic Flowers for Her

The Card

OK, romance is in the air, you have decided what flowers to send, whether they are cut stems or potted, and how they will be delivered. The one area most overlooked by many men is the card. What a waste! The card is the one thing she will keep after the flowers are gone. The card is what ties the flowers to your feelings for her. Why send a dozen red roses with a card that just says, “Love, Jake”? Work on the card for a day or two before you place the order for the flowers. The card should say that the flowers remind you of the sparkle in her eyes, the softness of her skin, or the warmth of her smile. Come-on guys, its not that hard and will change the “Gee, thanks for the flowers”, to “That is one of the greatest things you have ever said to me. Thanks, I mean really Thanks!”.