Choosing the Best Birthday gift for Dad

Picking a birthday gift for dad isn’t necessarily difficult, but so often dads receive the same type of gift year after year.

The usual birthday gift for dad ideas include uninspiring socks, ties or aftershave. If you’ve been guilty of this (and I suppose most of us have), wouldn’t it be great to pull out all the stops this year and surprise him with something a bit more adventurous?

Gadgets and gizmos come in a dazzling variety of forms, and you can guarantee finding him something he’ll probably never have seen, but will instantly fall in love with!

A USB cup warmer is great for keeping your tea and coffee piping hot, and is ideal for the home or office. For something more adventurous, what about a floating globe, a cool roulette jet flame lighter or even a baffling binary clock?!

If your dad works far too hard (as many do), maybe he’d appreciate massage socks or a vibrating head massager? Alternatively, treat both him and mom to a spa day or weekend where they can be properly pampered!

Choosing the Best Birthday gift for Dad

For the outdoor dad, a sophisticated multi-tool penknife makes a wonderfully practical gift, and something like a personalized silver hip flask or zippo can be both beautiful and extremely soothing! An indoor water fountain also makes an incredibly relaxing idea for those times when he has to be in the house!

What about really cheering him up with a few hard to find grocery or candy gifts from yesteryear? Cheesecake samplers make truly wonderful birthday gifts for him, and, for even more possibilities, what about a sumptuous gift basket?

A great (and probably very welcome variation on this theme) is to get dad a wine or beer gift basket. If you customize it you can include other great gifts like specialist cheeses and gourmet confectionery, and of course round it off with a classic vintage or indulgent brew.

Geanealogy gifts often make a great birthday gift for dad as a lot of men do become interested in their family tree. Thses can include smaller, non-specific gifts like mugs and t-shirts featuring genealogy designs, or personalized family charts, paintings or collages.

A well designed and personalized mug or t-shirt will always be appreciated, and even well chosen ties can make great gifts. Please don’t be afraid of choosing ‘less exotic’ gifts. So long as you choose wisely and he knows you’ve made the effort with he’ll be well pleased.

Many men have a hobby or interest they’re very keen on, and these certainly make a rich seam for gift ideas. Football, golf, baseball and fishing are very popular, and offer a whole host of wonderful gift spin offs.

For something really decadent, touring in a vintage car makes for a great experience gift, and is just one of many wonderful ideas to ensure that this year’s birthday gift for dad is extra special.