Chose to take. That’s right, life is about choice

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Chose to take. That’s right, life is about choice. Even though I thought about a better life, I failed to focus on obtaining that better life.

Now we can continue to travel in ways that WE make for ourselves and of our own free will, which only you know whether or not you are living a life of purpose, OR…

We can condition our mind to listen and follow THE path in which our spirit is trying to lead us.

You see, if we don’t receive what it is we truly need, then it’s no one’s fault but our own. You alone are responsible for being responsible. It’s not a likely excuse to say I would have but because this happened I cannot. Or the reason I’m acting in this way is because of what someone did to me, therefore I’m not responsible.

Chose to take. That’s right, life is about choice

The sad thing is that things happen in which we have no control. And contrary to popular belief, because God allows it happen doesn’t mean He has no control.

After all, how can we truly say that we can live a life of faith if our faith is never tested?

How can we KNOW we can overcome if we’re not presented with opportunity to overcome?

As I’ve said, through all of my trials and tribulations I am still here. Because bad things have happened to me and obstacles are constantly trying to deter me from my God-given purpose, I am growing and learning that God can bring me through anything. But if I do not apply to my life the things that He shows me, is He to blame?

Let’s be honest. Do you not know that God is Spirit? And that we are created in His image? God wouldn’t ask us to do anything that He isn’t willing to do. In fact the very life He asks us to live is the life that He lives. That is a life of faith.

Believing even though we cannot yet see it. Calling those things into existence as though they were already. Our God created and made and has given us the ability to create and make.

Create in your mind,

envision the goal,

speak it and write it down making it plain and clear to see.

Follow the plan (step by step) day by day and MAKE the life you were created to live happen.

Listen, we only get one life to live. Why not think on and prepare to live a long prosperous and purpose filled life. Remember, it’s never going to happen unless YOU decide to make it happen. If you take the time, pay the price, and make the sacrifice it will happen

Are you living the life you were created to live?

Are you healthy in every area of your life?

Do you WANT to have that life?

If you REALLY do, then condition your MIND – and the body will follow.