Ciabatta Bread Machine Recipe

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This Ciabatta bread machine recipe is one of my personal favorite breads,and no wonder, made with lots of olive oil this bread has a thin crust and deliciously chewy crumb.

I have recently discovered the only way to do this bread any justice is to make it using a ‘Biga starter’. This is a ferment you have to prepare the previous day before you wish to make the ciabatta bread.

Yes, it is a nuisance ……. but I urge you do try it, especially if you want that authentic taste.

I made enough biga starter to make some small ciabatta rolls in our oven and a ciabatta bread in our breadmachine. They were fabulous both in texture and in taste!!

As the Ciabatta bread machine recipe suggests there is more yeast than usual and the resulting bread has a very low density, that is it is full of air and very light in weight for its volume. Just like the real thing in fact.

I tried a ciabatta packet recipe recently and the comparison with this recipe was very good indeed.

Ciabatta Bread Machine Recipe

My family and I especially enjoy Ciabatta with soups as well as on its own, the only problem is that due to its lightness we can finish a full loaf in no time at all ……., this is just as well as ciabatta bread does not keep well.

The traditional Ciabatta is usually oval in shape, and can be described as a squashed slipper which funnily enough is what Ciabatta means in Italian. A very popular bread made throughout Italy and now of course throughout the world.

Ciabatta bread machine recipe for 1½ lb and 750g as follows:

Make the Biga Starter recipe 18 to 24 hours before using in the Ciabatta Bread recipe. The starter is simply mixed by hand for 5 minutes and left in a bowl (covered by a tea towel) in a dry warm draught free area.

This Ciabatta bread machine recipe can be cooked on your bread makers normal white bread program.

Biga Starter Recipe
Ingredients/Units American Imperial Metric
Strong White Flour 1½ cups 6 oz 187 g
Tepid Water 3/8 of a cup 3 fl oz 100 ml
Yeast ½ tsp ½ tsp 5 ml
Ciabatta Bread Recipe 1½ lb Recipe 1½ lb Recipe 750g Recipe
Ingredients/Units American Imperial Metric
Tepid Water ¾ of a cup 6 fl oz 187 ml
Biga Starter made 24 hours earlier add completed ferment add completed ferment add completed ferment
Olive Oil 1/8 of a cup 1 fl oz 25 ml
Salt 1½ tsp 1½ tsp 7.5 ml
Strong White Flour 2 cups 8 oz 250g