Citizen Eco – Drive Watches – Saving The Earth

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The line with the widest variety is the Citizen Eco-Drive watches, which has tech savvy models as well as luxury ones.

There is a large selection that you can choose from and what’s even better is that they all incorporate the Eco-Drive system.

Which means that there is no need for a battery as there is a solar panel integrated beneath the dial that converts either natural or artificial light into energy.

The maximum power reserve at full charge lasts an impressive 150 days and there is even a low charge warning of 5 days.

Citizen Eco-Drive Main Points

There is such a broad range of Eco-Drive watches with so many different features and functions.

Citizen Eco   Drive Watches   Saving The Earth

Every model differs in design and specifications. Some have great combinations of luxury and modern technology.

Functions & Features

The available functions for certain models include chronograph, perpetual calendar, power reserve, water resistance and tachymeter.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that these tech savvy watches aren’t fashionable, because most of them have very impressive designs.

Some stunning luxury models even include some of the functions mentioned above, and features quality materials.

From model to model, the materials will differ which makes it easier for you to select a watch suited for your purpose.

The most notable difference in materials would be the wrist strap, as they also range in colour and style. The available materials are real leather, stainless steel, titanium and the extremely limited 18k gold.

An additional bonus to the features of the Eco-Drive series is the fantastic designs they have to offer.

Versatile designs, all different shapes and sizes with stylish dials and great colour combinations make the Eco-Drive series an all round timepiece field.

There isn’t much not to like about the Citizen Eco-Drive series as there is surely a model that will catch your attention.With the majority of them being under the £150 mark and with such a broad range to fit any occasion, you might just be tempted to purchase more than just one.