Citrine Jewelry or is it Amethyst?

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A vast majority of the Citrine Jewelry you will come across on a visit to the high street is more than likely to be heat treated amethyst, although natural Citrine is mined mainly from Brazil it is quite rare.

Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November and has been used to imitate the more expensive Topaz, regarded by many people to be the November birthstone but lets not debate that issue right now.

Heat treatment of gemstones is a very common practice and is used often to change the stones colour and appearance, so you can see why the less honest people out there use this underhand tactic.

The gems orange, golden and lemon yellow colours are achieved by varying the heat treatment in the laboratory.

Citrine Jewelry or is it Amethyst?



Citrine is believed to be a spiritually powerful gem and possess very strong healing abilities in fact in ancient times it was carried by people as a form of protection against snake bites.

Wearing Citrine is also said to improve your level of concentration and assist learning capabilities by helping you focus clearly.

Citrine Jewelry or is it Amethyst?

You can purchase these gemstones in various grades of clarity to near flawless with its rich bright colour making it the perfect partner for polished gold, an eyecatching combination transforming you into the confident and cheerful personality that this spiritual jewel helps you to become.