Classic Movies Party

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A Turner Classic Movies Party, for Kids or Adults, this kind of Party can be a sweet success without going overboard in cost and decorating.

I find it a great disappointment to Know that all those Older Classic Movies will never be viewed by the younger generation, never to be seen on TV, how many of us can remember a movie from our childhood days that we have never seen again since those days, and would love to see again.

For those of us that enjoy a good older movie I suggest that you can organize a Party from it, the ideal setting for such a Party, would be held in a Recreation Room, with a large screen TV, I would start with finding and obtaining the Movies that you think would suit a group of your friends.

Classic Movies Party

Are you planning a Birthday Party, this kind of Party can be very suitable for Kids of all ages, after the food is over seat the kids down to view your movie choices, this may include a good Classic full length movie or a few short cartoons, followed by party games, or try the Charade game with the kids, this may need the help of an adult.

Send out your invitations, decide on what you will have to eat, after the meal you can all move to the Recreation Room, to view the Movie, how many movies will depend on you, I suggest one full length movie is enough, after the film is over how about a game of Charades, each Charade to be based upon the movie they have just seen.