Clearing Negative Energy Away From Your Home

Here’s my advice on clearing negative energy from your home:

You’ve moved into a new home, and it doesn’t take long before you and husband start quarreling almost daily, you don’t sleep well an you don’t feel restful in your place.

You might even hear weird sounds or experience doors that suddenly lock or open.

You need clearing negative energy from your home and here’s how:

  • Give the house a real good clean. (And remember that negative energy doesn’t stagnate so easily in a house that is cleaned regularly.) Don’t forget places where energy tends to stagnate – like loft or storage room. Open all windows and doors – especially important are the windows and doors you don’t normally open. Clean the windows and window frames. Wash all the curtains.
  • Throw out old stuff that belonged to the former owners. Ideally you should even get rid of wall to wall carpet and wallpapers, but if you can’t at least give the carpet a good scrub and wash or paint over the old wallpaper.
  • Declutter – A lot of clutter prevents energy from moving around.
  • Dried flowers and herbs might look pretty as decoration, but are something dead that absolutely should be avoided (in case you wonder – dried herbs for cooking, stored in jars, are of course a totally different matter).
  • Change light bulbs that don’t work. Fix anything with the plumbing that doesn’t work.
  • Put some dried sage in a fireproof container and walk from room to room, so that the smell of sage fills the house. As you do this repeat: “I fill my house with loving energy”. Sage has cleaning properties. It can also be a good idea to plant a sage by your entrance (if it grows in your climate) or keep it in a pot.
  • You can put some salt and something made from iron in the corners of your property (or apartment) to prevent negative forces from enter. While doing this repeat: “Only positive energy enters my home.”If you suspect there’s a ghost in your home and want to get rid of it contact my friend Siobhan and her team at Moonslipper.

Clearing Negative Energy Away From Your Home