Clifton- Where All Things Beautiful come Together

Clifton must be THE “see and be seen” beach in Cape Town. Apart from the beautiful people, bronzing their bodies on the immaculate white sandy beaches, Clifton offer much more.

The Beaches are not only renown for the trendy jetsetters in their designer swimwear and sunglasses, but also for its beauty. The perfect blue ocean laps gently onto the powdery white sandy beach, and the backdrop of Table Mountain make this setting truly idyllic.

Luxury yachts often lay at anchor just off the beach, and throngs of people head down the steep, narrow steps over weekends and holiday periods to take in the scenery and the sun.

The four beaches are divided into four distinct coves, separated by huge granite boulders.
4th Beach has Blue Flag Status and is the most popular, and also the largest.

Clifton  Where All Things Beautiful come Together

After lying in the sun for a few hours, feeling well rested, do take the time and wander to the other beaches as well. The walk over the boulders is not that hard, but you can also take the steps around the back, between the houses, if you like.
Each of the four beaches has its own unique beauty, and you might just find your very own “perfect spot”.

The surf is the strongest at first beach and diminishes towards fourth beach where the sea is usually calm…although there can be some rough waves at times…especially after a stormy period.

“One Of The Top Ten Beaches in the WORLD!”

Clifton was rated by Discovery Travel Channel as one of the top ten beaches in the world, and also by Forbes.com as number 8 in the top 10 Topless beaches in the World!…..
Now if that’s not enough to get you down there, nothing will!

If sunbathing is not your “thing”, then why not head down to one of Clifton’s beaches for sundowners?
Sitting on a blanket on this perfect beach, with snacks spread out and your favourite glass of wine in hand, this has to be one of the best ways to end a busy day….

Watching the magnificent sunset over the dazzling blue ocean!

Parking is usually a bit of a hassle, and the walk down the steps is not as bad as the walk back up, but the end result is well worth the effort.
It makes these beaches just that more exclusive, and if you are someone who enjoys exclusivity, look no further than Clifton Beach….

Or maybe Llandudno!

“Exclusive Property For The Fortunate Few”.

Clifton is also synonymous with Luxury and Exclusive Property.
Here you won’t find anything cheap, and if exclusivity is what you are looking for, then this is the the place to hunt for your dream home. Each house on this steep slope offers unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean, and with the lush green vegetation and setting against the westerly slope, you are well protected from the summer “South Easter”.

On the downside…..many of these expensive homes don’t have garages, and you have to negotiate the steep steps to your house every day…..

Is it worth the effort an money?

Well, I sure as hell think so!

Ok, Ok…so during holiday periods and over weekends you get hundreds of people walking past your house on their way down to the beach, but hey….

they will all envy you for being one of the lucky few to actually live in this perfect little luxurious and exclusive setting!

Clifton does not have any shops or restaurants of it’s own, but Camps Bay, with it’s cosmopolitan and very vibrant seafront bars, restaurants and shops, is only a few minutes walk away.

So you’re not sold on Clifton? Why not check out Fresnaye, Bantry Bay or Llandudno….similar type settings, but each neighbourhood offering something unique.