Coloring your Garage floor can be as simple as…

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I have done countless Garage floor applications and epoxy flooring is the simplest most effective way to transform concrete.

When dealing with concrete as a diy’er always consult a [professional] and if you feel the project is too much to handle it is always a good idea to hire a professional.

With good preparation and planning revamping your Garage can be a fun and very satisfying DIY chore.

Everyone knows the garage is the one last domain for guys, so why not spruce it up. Using a simple 2 part epoxy kit this can be done in a matter of two to three days.

Coloring your Garage floor can be as simple as

I’ve always seen those cool Garage Floors, what are they??

What you see when you are seeing those granite looking garage floors are actually ground up vinyl paint chips sprinkled on the floor.This is the most common method and with my method below a very good chance of lifetime adhesion.

Step 1. You will obviously need to remove everything from the garage first.

Step 2. You have to stuff up the surface the cheapest (not necessarily easiest) is to rent a 7-10″ grinder from Home Depot, make sure it has a concrete cup wheel not blade on it. Lightly grind the entire surface, this can be extremely dusty, so make sure you have a mask, and if they rent a dustless vacuum system that would be ideal. You just need to grind a little, you do not need to indent the surface. (for a 2 car garage with nothing on the floor, ie.paint, this should take around 1-2 hours)

Step 3. You will mix up the 2 part epoxy base (usually comes in gray or tan) and with a paint roller roll it onto the floor. Be sure to get the sides first with a brush or mini roller. Roll it from the back out to the front.

Step 4. Once that is done, it will still be very tacky, put on some old golf shoes, or lawn aerating shoes are good. Slowly walk into the garage holding the paint chips and broadcast them into the epoxy. You will want to throw the chips as if you were feeding chickens. Note: If you have a large amount of paint chips throw as much as you want, because once its dry you will vacuum up the left overs anyway, so you can never throw too much.

Step 5. The next day once it is dry you will sweep all the excess paint chips up, and then vacuum the floor (A few left ones here or there are okay as the sealer will swallow them up) It is a good idea to take a sharp metal squeegee like broom and slowly slide it up and down on the floor just to knock down some of the paint-chips that are still sticking up. You will now mix up the sealer and roll it out just like you did the first coat.

And that’s it ! ! ! You are done. Wow looks awesome.