Combining your fitness training with curious toddler activity

Points on how to incorporate toddler activity into your fitness lifestyle!

First off, let’s talk about the wondrous time of life for all in involved in the life of a toddler. The curiosity, the energy, the energy, oh I said that. Well if you have one or TWO you know exactly what I mean so it deserves a double mention!

I’m happy that you’re taking the initiative and are seeking out information about exercise , toddler activity or exercising with your toddler. For myself being the father of several in the past (because two are grown and the third, well she’s growing fast), I can relate. I’m going to share my experiences as they unfolded over the years until I came to where I am now, my solution. Ready, here we go!

Here is the shortened version of what I did, the questions that presented themselves and my final well thought out conclusion.

First, I of course enrolled my oldest two in martial arts, after all I was involved so I figured it would be good for them too, and it was. Years later when my daughter came into my life, along with curious toddler activity,”again”, I thought hard and long about what I could do, not only as a father, but as a certified personal trainer and therapist who had had extensive martial arts experience! How could these experiences and knowledge help my child who was only 16 months old? Well needless to say all traditional methods sort of went out the window. I couldn’t sign her up for a gym membership, and there where no martial arts programs with her age group in mind to be found.

There seemed to be nothing except a few community programs which basically where unstructured toddler activity, but OK, because the child did require movement which is usually good in any form. Still I’m thinking “I’m a personal trainer with experience I’ll just train her like everyone else”. That lasted about as long as it took me to write this sentence! I guess at the time I was geared to a certain age group with a fixed notion on how someone should be trained, in her world (and now mine), it simply didn’t apply!

I continued to do my training when the solution came to me, finally after years of studying and practice in the fitness world. I was able to direct all that knowledge to my current challenge of combining fitness with toddler activity. It had presented itself, the solution had been delivered. It was in the form of a short little lady. You see while in the middle of a set of push-ups, I had picked up a rider and the way to solidify the practice of exercise without the practice of exercise, sort of like “The art of fighting without fighting” (Thanks Bruce)!

My daughter wouldn’t go for the traditional training methods but her curiosity and laughter just because of the fun of this “toddler game”, forced her participation.

Combining your fitness training with curious toddler activityCombining your fitness training with curious toddler activity

I later developed a program entirely made with this idea. She wasn’t doing any of the exercises, but she was being exposed to it and finding it fun. It required her participation both physically and mentally, as soon she was also required (her idea) to count off my reps. Anyway, at this stage maybe this is all she needs. I hope this helps you in some way, and remember to be alert and careful when trying something like this. Also, it may be only a fleeting moment of interest at first, be patient.

We are all aware of the elevated rise in child obesity as well as the populace as a whole. You can achieve as I have, combining your fitness training with curious toddler activity.

Place your entire family in the fitness circle now so that it becomes a natural way of life! You’ll be glad you did.